All You Need To Know About pursuing Career In Journalism

The craft of journalism requires certain personality and knowledge attributes. For an aspiring journalist, it is necessary that with time they develop certain skill sets to pave for themselves a successful career in this field. To get started certain basic requirements would be:

• Develop writing and reading skills: Writing is considered to be the best way to express your thoughts. Using an appropriate language, correct perspective and putting in the feelings in a write-up attracts and indulges the reader. If one has that creative art of converting thoughts into words in an impressive way, journalism is the place for them. As you read more, you gain knowledge about different styles and patterns of writing. Therefore, reading widens up your thought process which makes you a better narrator. Inculcating the habit of reading takes you a long way in the journalism industry.

• Formal education: A professional qualification in journalism definitely enhances the employment opportunities, as more and more employers in mass media industry seek candidates with the strong knowledge base. Identifying this increasing need, many institutes have introduced specialized courses like BA & MA (Journalism), PG courses and short time courses of four months, to equip the aspiring students with the right knowledge, attitude and information of current and future government or state regulations regarding the right of journalism.

• Choosing the specialization: Since there are various types of journalisms like print, photo, broadband, blogging, etc. After trying all types of assignments, based on personal choice and interest, choose a particular niche of reporting industry to work on and expertise in sports, entertainment, political, social and economic.

• Take Internship- Doing an internship with certain media house like newspapers, blogging sites, TV broadcasting companies or publishing house, so that you gain certain practical experience of how things work in the actual setup. Also, this is a very lucrative opportunity to make profitable acquaintances in the industry which can be helpful in the later time. These internships can be paid for or as a free volunteering. One should not have considered the money prospect, rather should take up this advantageous opportunity to work with experienced and influential individuals in the journalism field.

• Extroverted and talkative personality: Since in this sought of the profession; you tend to meet people from various social strata and interest. To make a conversation and gather relevant information, a person should have an art to mingle and talk with anyone. This type of work demands a very extrovert and vibrant personality.

• Creativity: Since journalism is basically storytelling in a most real and impressive manner make the audience believe in what we say. Therefore, you need to have that creative bend to display your knowledge and information most attractively.

There are certain traits which we can develop and learn with time, but most importantly a person should have the strength to take the risk and to stand with truth, should know to choose between right and wrong, bad and good. At time to bring out the real story, you may need to get into trouble or involve in dire situations. Hence, it’s a passion which requires lots of commitment and confidence to succeed in.

"All You Need To Know About pursuing Career In Journalism"